Around North Grounds 11/30/2016

Thumbs down to 2016. It started with a gorilla and ended with a guerilla. Who would have thought that we would miss 2015?

Thumbs up to the Gilmore Girls revival. If you spoil anything, ANG will hunt you down and perform an action that does not constitute a threat beause ANG’s lawyers have advised ANG not to make threats anymore.

Thumbs down to delays at Dulles Airport. If ANG wanted it to take thirty-six hours to get home, ANG would have channeled Wild and just walked the Appalachian Trail back to Charlottesville.

Thumbs up to the California State Bar for declining to ban attorney-client sex. If ANG were on a state bar association, ANG would ban boring attorney-client sex. Imagine the discipline hearings.

Thumbs down to the 1L who reported Career Services to Above the Law. ANG recommends wine-ing over whining. Also, LOL to 1Ls thinking they know what long emails are. Talk to ANG next year.

Thumbs up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday for merging and creating one big shopping extravaganza. ANG has now spent three years of anticipated firm bonuses on discounted clothing and electronics.

Thumbs sideways to football. Some teams won, some teams lost, life goes on. ANG’s team also won the Youth Football League’s game over the weekend, but no one is talking about that. Mostly because ANG was cut from the team several months ago for “polite disagreements” with the team’s steroid and alcohol ban.

Thumbs up to Thanksgiving break, but thumbs down to December. How dare you.