Faculty Quotes 11/30/2016

J. Johnston: I sat by a guy in shop class in high school who had really long hair. He would take a piece of his hair and make a lasso and catch a fly with it and hold it so that the fly would fly around him in class.

G. White: One thing one ought to do when giving hypotheticals is to make them realistic. Would wolves chase a sleigh? No. Would they want to eat people? No. That’s all I have. 

 J. Dienelt: As you know, this place could have been called the University of Virginia School of Law and Free Food. 

K. Ferzan: Days of Our Lives? Does no one watch soap operas? That’s all I did in law school!

M. Collins: Even if you’re the Supreme Court, you don’t tug on Superman’s cape. You don’t overturn Judge Learned Hand.

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