Around North Grounds 10/18/17


Thumbs down to Harvey Weinstein and to all other men in power who have sexually harassed and assaulted women. And a bigger thumbs down to systems that enable and reward men for doing so, like electing them President.

Thumbs sideways to PILA for not giving us drink tickets. ANG knows the event raises money for Public Interest Scholarships, but ANG was under the impression that consumption of alcohol was the main purpose of the auction. ANG is now befuddled.

Thumbs down to the end of Fall Break. After spending 48 straight hours prowling Charlottesville’s vampire bar scene and 32 hours after that sleeping, ANG didn’t feel as chipper as normal in Contracts on Monday.

Thumbs up to Halloween. In the immortal words of Aaron Carter, “I want candy.”

Thumbs down to Trump’s fifteen iterations of trying to pronounce “Puerto Rico.” ANG hasn’t cringed so hard since everyone started trying to use inter alia in class.

Thumbs up to the guy in Florida awarded $37,500 after police mistook glazed doughnut crumbs in his car for meth. ANG was worried about justifying ANG’s daily trip to the new Krispy Kreme. ANG will search no further.

Thumbs down to Putin getting a new puppy. Sorry – PUTIN gets a puppy and ANG doesn’t get one!? WHY.

Thumbs sideways to the 9 days between ANG and the Season 2 premiere of Stranger Things. I mean, at least it’s not Eleven.

Thumbs down to the kickoff of 1L job season. ANG is still self-conscious about having worked as a cruise ship deckhand ANG’s 1L summer, and having all these neurotic 1Ls buzzing about their futures as big shot partners is more than ANG can handle.