Around North Grounds 10/25/17

Thumbs up to the return of Dean Davies. Jokes aside, ANG is grateful for Davies’ quick recovery and welcomes her return to North Grounds.

Thumbs down to the complete lack of 1L PILA auction donations two weeks out from the auction. ANG’s 1L summer was personally funded entirely by lemonade stands and panhandling, but ANG’s understanding was that this 1L class was planning on the availability of “grants.” 

Thumbs up to the softball playoffs. ANG looks forward to watching the 1Ls’ spirit of togetherness and comity wither and break against the inexorable wall of the NGSL super teams.

Thumbs down to DJ Khaled hiring a tiger for his son Asahd’s first birthday party. Nothing is bad about that, ANG is just jealous. C’mon, Steven Glendon, ANG would actually attend the SBA Socials! 

Thumbs up to two more days until season two of Stranger Things. That means just TWO MORE DAYS until ANG eats all the waffles, disappears, and can only be communicated with via carefully arranged Christmas lights. 

Thumbs down to the Law School administration. This is the fifth consecutive year ANG has requested to be excused from ANG’s Contract’s midterm, and the fourth time Dean Dugas has responded with “lol no. best-jason.” ANG isn’t sure what Dean Dugas was up to the fifth year. (ANG is pretty sure he wasn’t notifying 3Ls that their class lottery was about to open, but ANG digresses.)

Thumbs up to the five living ex-Presidents’ gathering in Texas to raise money for hurricane victims. ANG hopes ANG can one day have the gravitas of Barack Obama, the charm of George W. Bush, the socks of George H.W. Bush, and the longevity of Jimmy Carter. ANG isn’t sure what of Bill Clinton’s ANG would want. 

Congratulations to ANG for selling an advance to ANG’s first memoir. It won’t be a best-seller like Tom Hanks’ 416-page text on typewriters, but maybe ANG’s mom will finally acknowledge ANG in public.