Around North Grounds 11/1/17

ANG Alumni Spotlight. As part of ANG’s efforts to reconnect with alumni, ANG has decided to honor one alum, drawn at random. This year’s honoree is: Robert S. Mueller ’73! Congrats, Robbie. ANG isn’t sure what you’re up to these days, but ANG hopes it’s relaxing and fulfilling!

Thumbs up to all the 1Ls who are still optimistic about the course selection process. ANG, however, asked for eight potential classes and was enrolled in a two-credit hour class that ANG never signed up for… #best-jason

Thumbs down to all the Halloween costumes that didn’t make it through the weekend intact. ANG’s ripped costume was in the trash out of frustration by 9 pm. Then ANG was “kindly” asked to leave because being nude was “unacceptable” at Boylan. 

Thumbs down to the empty punishment for Yuli Gurriel of the Astros. ANG hasn’t been so frustrated with “rules” since the three incomprehensible Con Law slideshows on “rational basis without teeth.” 

Thumbs up to the World Series. ANG is rooting for the Los Angeles Dodgers because of their ancestral connection to Brooklyn. ANG was once arrested for selling black-market fruit snacks on the Brooklyn-bound Q train, and found the jail staff to be pleasantly accommodating. Go Dodgers!

Thumbs down to the $149 ticket fined to a Canadian man for belting out 1990s dance hits in his car. ANG hopes this isn’t reflective of the post-Canadian-invasion society that Kordana has been warning us about.

Thumbs up to the reliably-adorably Halloween Carnival in Spies Garden. ANG feels strongly that wandering toddlers dressed as animals are directly correlated to law school happiness. Also puppies. #lawschoolpuppy2017

ANG’s thoughts go out to the family of Dean Dick Merrill, who passed away of Parkinson’s this week. Merrill served as Dean of the Law School from 1980-’88, and was a renowned expert on administrative law. ANG salutes Dean Merrill’s service to our school.