Around North Grounds 11/15/17


Thumbs up to Breitbart for uncovering the Washington Post’s tactics for gathering research, interviewing witnesses, and taking their time to gain permission from the subjects before publishing. Us in the business call these tactics “investigative journalism.” 

Thumbs down to adults destroying their Keurig machines after the company pulled advertising from Fox News. Maybe it’s ANG’s addiction to coffee speaking, but ANG thinks the only thing stupider is thinking that a 14 year old can give consent to a 30 year old. 

Thumbs up to Amazon buying the rights to bring Gilmore Girls back for another revival--a tri-vival? Whatever it is, whenever it is, ANG will follow where you lead. 

Thumbs down to Stephen T. “Mindseye” Parr for Daylight Savings time and this accursed darkness. ANG had been feeling okay about Parr given the lovely autumn weather, but this dark-at-5-o’clock business has ANG remembering all of Parr’s misdeeds, especially last winter’s lack of snow and the rain for Foxfield this year. Get it together, Parr!

Thumbs up to all the people predicting more intense Thanksgiving conversations about politics. ANG, for one, is happy that ANG’s marital status, alcoholism, and membership in vampire societies won’t be the ONLY topics of intense, uncomfortable disagreement. 

Thumbs down to a certain professor calling ANG “old” when ANG would NEVER call him “short and fat?” Oh well, ANG tries so hard to be his friend--and maybe someday that will happen!

Pour one out for Notre Dame (“and Georgia, haha.” -Goldman, C.J.) ANG feels for ya. Especially because ANG now has to hear from people who once had a two-hour layover in Miami about what big Hurricane fans they are. 

Thumbs up to everyone who saw the equine outline on p. 6 and thought of zebras, not horses. #fascinoma, folks!