Around North Grounds 11/29/17

Thumbs down to the Z Society’s casual email to “Ms. Goluboff.” It is Dean, Queen, or GTFO. Mystically, ANG.

Thumbs sideways to Time Magazine calling to say ANG was PROBABLY going to be named “Newspaper Figure (Person) of the Year,” like last year. ANG says probably is no good and will take a pass. Thanks anyway!

Congratulations to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on their recently announced engagement! ANG knows accepting the American, biracial bride is a big step for the royal family, but the biggest of all is letting a royal marry a divorcee. King Edward VIII and Princess Margaret would be bloody pissed. 

Annual reminder to recycle! Otherwise, VELF on a Shelf (the tiny VELF water bottle that watches you from trash cans) will tell Santa to put you on the Naughty List. 

Thumbs sideways to the lack of 1Ls in the library. ANG, of course, has never been to the library, but ANG’s studious friends tell ANG it has become a pleasantly stress-free place in the 1Ls’ absence. But these 1Ls know about OGI and, like, grades, right? KDon, you told them about OGI, didn’t you? KDon?!

Thumbs up to eggnog season. As the Law Weekly’s eggnog correspondent, ANG has faithfully tested all the eggnog around and can reliably report that Turkey Hill is the best brand-name eggnog, while the stuff in the glass bottle at Kroger is the best overall. It’s a smooth cocktail of eggs, nutmeg, and...well ANG isn’t really sure what else is in eggnog, but trust ANG, this stuff is the knees of bees, as the kids say.

Thumbs sideways to Netflix’s Godless. ANG appreciates Netflix proudly marketing a female-driven Western that is too good to skip, but maybe next time, could we NOT have 73% of the dialogue delivered by men?

Thumbs up to the National Dog Show, but more importantly to the Law School Dog Show, which will be occurring Spring 2018 in Spies Garden! #spreadtherumor