Faculty Quotes 11/29/17

C. Jaffe: “Oh, mom! Always blaming mom. Never a good way to go.”

E. Kitch: “[Discussing Jordan v. Duff and Phelps] Jordan, you bastard. That traitor. We helped you start your career, you ungrateful sonofabitch.”

J. Mahoney: “Yachting appears to be the pastime for the idle rich - and the busy rich, for that matter.”

 G. Rutherglen: “It’s the first time I made money from a book. It was called Get What’s Yours and it taught me how to claim social security benefits, . . . and now I’m grandfathered in!”

J. G. Hylton: “I think [Paperchase] is the best law school movie ever made… Even better than Legally Blonde.”

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