Around North Grounds 11/8/17

ANG can’t believe ANG’s saying this, but two thumbs up to SBA President Steven Glendon. Glendon finally made good on his pledge to supply the Law School with Duck Donuts, and saved a special one for ANG to boot! Out of gratitude for this sugary emolument, ANG is shredding the forthcoming Law Weekly investigation into Glendon’s corrupt finances and electoral collusion with Darden. 

In light of the Saudi Royal purge, ANG would like to announce that, as part of ANG’s corruption probe, Editor-in-Chief Jenna Goldman and Managing Editor Eric Hall have been removed from power and are currently confined in the Omni Hotel. ANG has no further comment at this time. 

Thumbs up to the UVa football team for earning bowl eligibility this weekend. ANG is sorry ANG missed it; ANG was making another valiant stab at the MPRE. Eighth time’s the charm!

Thumbs sideways to the end of Daylight Savings. Maybe that jerk of a bartender at Virg will stop giving ANG shit for it being “a little early for shots.”

Thumbs up to Shalane Flanagan becoming the first woman to win the NYC Marathon since 1977. ANG was going to run, but still isn’t clear on how many trips to MyLab make a marathon. Is it 5K? How many Ks is it? Do they have donuts?

Thumbs down to PILA being over. ANG realizes that time to buy those fall semester textbooks is quickly dwindling. 

Thumbs up to Professor Garrett’s chair lecture on Friday. ANG previewed it last week, and don’t worry, after revisions, it is fewer than 100,000 slides!

Thumbs down to President Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. ANG has long admired the koi fish of Japan’s imperial palace; Trump and Abe’s reckless overfeeding of these majestic aquatic beasts threatens to set back years of Japanese imperial fish management. ANG hopes that His Imperial Majesty Emperor Akihito will step in and right this wrong.