Around North Grounds 2/1/2017

Thumbs up to the Chinese New Year! Roses are red, white is my sock; thank goodness we’re back, in the Year of the Rooster. 

Thumbs down to Barrister’s tickets increasing in price. ANG hasn’t paid this much to drunkenly dance around an ice rink since that unfortunate kid’s birthday party. 

Pour one out for the intern who cowrote the immigration order with Giuliani. What's a good way of spinning “caused a Constitutional crisis in my first week” on a resume?

Thumbs down to the Trumpster Fire that is the first week of Donald Trump’s presidency. Unfortunately, he’s the first president in history to keep his campaign promises. 

Thumbs up to the ACLU fighting back against the Muslim ban. Thanks for putting in more work at the airport than all United Airlines employees combined (but seriously, ACLU, you are keeping this country afloat).

Thumbs up to rogue twitter feeds: AltUSNationalParkService, Rogue NASA, and AltUSForestService. ANG has formed the rogue twitter feed for Dean Goluboff, @RogueRisa.

Congratulations to the new leader of the free world, Angela Merkel!

Thumbs sideways to the new massage chair; on the one hand, that money could probably go to better things, but on the other hand, maybe they got a good bargain? If the Law School has more money to splurge, ANG has lots of ideas. Like armored tanks, or student debt.

Thumbs up to the upcoming SBA elections! ANG loves student democracy almost as much as ANG loves purposefully taking items off the shelves in Harris Teeter and hiding them in the frozen section.

Thumbs down to the Doomsday Clock being pushed forward another thirty seconds. It’s a good thing ANG has a secret bunker under the Law School filled with stale Cheetos, Ukrainian liquor, and a backlog of CoPAs ANG hasn’t read yet.