Around North Grounds 2/15/17

Thumbs down to the Grammys. The only person that slights Beyonce is nobody. 

Thumbs up to the 9th Circuit. But, to be fair, any normal person with an ounce of political savvy, constitutional knowledge, or basic human decency would have rejected the ban. 

Thumbs up to Valentine’s Day falling on a school night this year so ANG has an excuse to stay home with ANG’s cat instead of eating an overpriced meal with that slightly desperate undergrad ANG matched with on Tinder.  

Thumbs down to the new Fifty Shades Movie. If ANG wanted to be held in suspense ANG would wait for ANG’s grades to come out.

Thumbs up to Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer. Now when does Melissa get to be a guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race????

Thumbs up to the photo booth at Barrister’s Ball. ANG had fun crashing random people’s couple pictures. Again, ANG apologizes for the incident in the photo booth with that one couple. ANG had no idea the champagne bottle would explode so easily. 

Thumbs down to Cee-Lo Green for stealing ANG’s Barrister’s Ball outfit for the Grammys. ANG maintains ANG wore it better.

Thumbs up to the law school band for reminding ANG that the early 2000s was a formative time in ANG’s life. Thumbs down to the law school band for giving us that same reminder 5 times in the last year. 

Thumbs down to Journal Tryout season. A piece of friendly advice: if you show up drunk to the journals’ open houses, they will dislike you and want to punish you by inviting you to join the journal. 

Thumbs up to DJT’s friendship with Shinzo Abe. ANG appreciates the value of friendship; ANG just hopes their break up doesn’t result in Trump banning sushi in America. 

Thumbs down to the attempted robbery on Arlington Blvd. ANG thought that Mind’s Eye and Pav fire alarms were supposed to be the only bad things happening on Arlington.