Around North Grounds 2/22/17

Thumbs down to The Bachelor being approximately 72.6 hours long each week. ANG needs a highlight reel that only lasts as long as ANG’s relationships--excluding ANG’s relationship with vodka, which is going on 42 years.

Thumbs sideways to CPAC uninviting Milo Yiannopoulos over his advocacy for pedophilia. On the one hand, yes, that’s a good reason for disinviting somebody. On the other hand, this was the line?

Thumbs down to journal tryouts this weekend. ANG was hoping for a reason to have no social life for a weekend in order to become a worker bee for a faceless journal conglomerate.

Thumbs up to the SBA/Law Weekly Debate last Monday. ANG was impressed to see almost TWO people who weren’t SBA members/candidates/significant others of candidates. Talk about an informed electorate! The debate was YUGE, the biggest in history.

Thumbs down to Bilt being closed on Valentine’s Day. How will ANG find true love without watered-down whiskey and the sweet bumping rhythms of the upstairs bar?

Thumbs up to Rapture for reminding ANG that seediness is not a preclusion to profitability. 

Thumbs sideways to Das Klub. On the one hand, ANG enjoyed the (higher than normal) amount of DFMO’s. On the other hand, ANG had to take fifty showers to get the filth off of ANG’s soul.

Thumbs down to Trump’s border wall threatening at least 111 endangered species. ANG’s idea of Making America Great Again did not involve deporting all the bald eagles, grey wolves, panthers, and manatees.

Thumbs up to the great weather. ANG is happy that at UVa Law, day drinking at a vineyard is considered an instagrammable activity, rather than proof that ANG is a disappointment to the family.

Pour one out for the tragedy in Sweden. #SwedishIncident #LastNightInSweden #FauxNews. ANG suffered a similar tragedy that will render ANG unable to go to class for the remainder of the year.