Around North Grounds 3/1/17

Pour one out for all the 1Ls reenacting the Walking Dead after journal tryouts, and for all the bright-eyed, optimistic 1Ls about to have their spring breaks ruined.


Thumbs up to the new SBA president, Steven Glendon. ANG looks forward to sending you emails about things wrong with this Law School. Like its sobriety standards. Or classes. Is there a way to get rid of those?


Thumbs up to ANG for receiving an offer to join PriceWaterhouseCooper as an Oscar vote counter - ANG heard a spot opened up late Sunday night. 


Thumbs down to the 1L who Instagrammed his journal tryout. On the bright side, ANG might actually get on a journal this year thanks to you!


Thumbs down to Nick Viall for joining his fifth reality TV show. ANG hopes Nick realizes he only gets one dancing partner for the whole season. 


Thumbs up to the leakers on Sean Spicer’s staff for leaking the leaks about searching their phones for leaky leaks. This is administration is more porous than ANG’s explanation for not turning in ANG’s LRW brief.


Pour one out for ANG, who’s out this week with the sniffles. Who knew healthcare could be this complicated? ANG has to tell you, it’s an unbelievable, complex subject. 


Thumbs up to ANG returning to ANG’s tropical timeshare for spring break. Sure, it’s really just the drunk tank in Tijuana, but it’s home. 


Thumbs down to Trump for being the first president in 36 years to miss the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.  Who needs a president who tells jokes when your entire administration is one?


Pour one out for the end of Feb Club. Now, ANG has to try to fit in with the undergrads again. Good thing that ANG looks 18 years old with all the silicone. Thanks Dr. Oz.


Thumbs up to Warren Beatty! Now do the 2016 Election.