Faculty Quotes 3/15/17

R. Schragger: “It’s like that scene in Legally Blonde, when she kicks ass, and . . . never mind. Moving on.”

J. Harrison: “In California, six people in a bar room can amend the constitution.”

K. Abraham: “What the bold print giveth, the fine print taketh away.” 

K. Ferzan: “I never heard of Everclear before college. Have you?”

J. Setear: “The pandas just came back from a vacation during which they were only supposed to reproduce. Or as you guys called it, ‘college.’”

C. Nelson: “Imagine I set off to commit a drug trafficking crime, which is, of course, how I afford the Lamborghini that I keep on cinder blocks in front of my house.”

J. Dienelt: “I would rather have a root canal than buy a new car.”

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