Around North Grounds 3/22/17

Thumbs up to Hillary Clinton saying that she is “ready to come out of the woods.” Mrs. Clinton’s absence from the political scene and the hibernation schedule of the American Black Bear closely align, coincidence? ANG thinks not.

Thumbs down to ANG’s detention with Student Affairs. Apparently running through the halls yelling “FRESH MEAT!” is not the way to behave during Admitted Students Open House.

Thumbs up to the Dutch rejecting Geert Wilders, a clownish anti-Muslim politician with a funky blonde hairdo. Good thing America would never make a mistake like that!

Thumbs down to UVa being bounced from the NCAA tourney. Who knew that scoring fewer than 40 points is not a recipe for success? Go Gators. (Direct hate mail to

Thumbs up to Japanese-American Senator Mazie Hirono’s presence on the Senate Judiciary Committee for making this week’s Supreme Court hearings a “diverse” affair.

Thumbs up to the UVa Law administration for scheduling Admitted Students Open House the same day that 1L LRW briefs were due. Not having 1Ls being able to tell admitted students to run away should raise our yield.

Thumbs down to the U.S. ranking 14th on the list of happiest nations. To be fair, after the last 6 months, we’re lucky to be in the top 20 at all. The top five are all Scandinavian countries, which is confusing because snow?

Thumbs up to Florida-Georgia Line coming to JPJ and showing ANG that real country boys do wear $300 ripped jeans.

Pour one out for Chuck Berry whom Bob Dylan called, “the Shakespeare of rock n’ roll.” Bob Dylan once called ANG “Get the f*ck off my lawn.”

It's that time of year again: Springtime for softball in Charlottesville!