Faculty Quotes 3/22/17

M. Doran: “Florida is a malarial swamp and I try to avoid it.”

B. Spencer: “Scalia doesn’t care about the spirit [of the rule]. And now he is a spirit.”

R. Schragger: “Statutes are boring. They make you tired when you look at them. You look at them, and say to yourself, ‘I don’t really need to read this.’”

M. Gilbert: “Preschool teachers spend all their time settling property disputes.”

J. Harrison: “America cares about its flying mammals.”

A. Coughlin: “I can’t teach about Paw Review because it would be a waste of tuition dollars… dollars which should be spent on my Paw Review candidate, Gary.”

M. Doran: “Florida, I don’t know what the hell’s wrong with that state. #giveitbacktoSpain”