Around North Grounds 3/29/17

Thumbs up to the Libel Show this weekend! Although ANG is confused why Dean Davies signs off on kegs three nights in a row on a Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, but has gotten rid of the Thursday Keg and is raising the ax on Dandelion. #followthekeg #investigativejournalism

Thumbs up to the American Action Network’s ads mistakenly thanking Republican congressmen for repealing Obamacare. Not quite as good as Get Out, but it's a crowded field this year in horror cinema.

Thumbs down to the Virginia Book Festival this weekend. If you are going to kick someone out for showing up plastered and autographing every book in sight as “ANG hates you,” you should have put that on the flyer.

Thumbs up to March Madness. ANG’s section-mates might have picked their brackets based on seed and past performance, but ANG picked based on the mascots and the mascots alone. ANG didn’t pick UNC (what’s a Tar Heel), but ANG has picked the Gamecocks to go all the way. $25 gift card to Sedona, here ANG comes.

Thumbs up to Professor John Norton Moore, Director for the Center for National Security Law and Champion weightlifter of the world in his age class, on his 50th anniversary at the law school. So how many years has he been Dick Cheney’s body double?

Congratulations to Rizzo and Cecil for winning Paw Review, and to for the almost $1,500 raised to support homeless pets. ANG would like to file ANG’s yearly protest that ANG’s Tamagotchi was unfairly excluded. 

Thumbs up to the new RuPaul’s Drag Race season premiere, and especially thumbs up to Nina Bonina Brown for that peach look. ANG also wants to announce that ANG will be the mystery 14th queen.

Thumbs sideways to the new Beauty and the Beast movie. It’s pretty much a wash here. It does seem a little early in Emma Watson’s career to admit that she can’t sing at all. At least Russell Crowe waited until he was 48 to admit that as Javert.