Faculty Quotes 3/29/17

K. Ferzan: “Why do all the Admitted Students look like lambs being led to slaughter?”

R. Mason: “It’s somewhere in the [IRS] code...It’s like a treasure hunt except you don’t want any of the treasure.”

J. Cannon: “Is it a caress or a harass of the endangered species?”

K. Kordana: “And here I shed a tear for South American left-wing economic policies.”

F. Schauer: “I don’t want to denigrate liberty; liberty is really nice.”

A. Coughlin: “I’ve been fighting for years to convince people women can be dangerous, I want the equal opportunity to be considered a criminal!”

J. Johnston: “I don’t like to be quoted in [Law Weekly], but I guess you can quote me on that, ‘poopoo’ isn’t a bad word.”