Faculty Quotes 4/12/17

R. Schragger: “Your dogs and cats do not care about you. It looks like they love you, but they don’t.”

S. Braga: “I used to have a blue Porsche, but I wasn’t a drug dealer.”

R. Balnave: “Yeah, this is a discussion...If you define that as ‘Balnave can’t stop talking.’”

J.G. Hylton: “You don’t look at Mount Rushmore and say ‘Where’s Chester Arthur?’”

J. Setear: “Vegas is a city that is literally built on the concept that people don’t know how to do math.”

K. Kordana: “We are in the realm of contract law, we can do whatever we want!”

K. Ferzan: “Young children don’t understand the criminal justice system. Neither do many 1L’s.”

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