Around North Grounds 4/19/17

Thumbs up to the Law Review member who wrote a legal memo to Dean Davies for successor liability regarding the keg. ANG needs you to write a legal memo to the ABA letting ANG graduate with only twenty-three credits.

Thumbs down to the SBA Graduation Committee. ANG has never seen a more complicated set of rules for flip cup, and to be honest, ANG feels cheated out of ANG’s midday beer buzz.

Thumbs up to VJIL for providing mind-nourishing fruit snacks during this difficult time. Whatever journal office is next to VJIL also offers an array of excellent snacks. Though ANG avoids this second office because there are often 2Ls curled up under the pool table, sobbing into their Bluebooks

Thumbs down to the Song Lyrics round of 3L Trivia Night. ANG is not bitter, despite losing to every team besides “I attended 100% of Trivia and 20% of PR.” If you knew the next twelve words of those horrific pop songs, you either have Alex Haden’s despicable taste in music or attend too many Zoom spin classes.   

Thumbs sideways to Trump signing a kid’s hat, then throwing it into the crowd. On the one hand, that’s kind of a jerk move. On the other hand, ANG is glad to see that our Dear Leader has warmed up to wealth redistribution.

Thumbs up to spring in Charlottesville. The sight of dogwood blossoms, the smell of good spring rain, and copious amounts of tree sperm (yeah, that’s what pollen is) all remind ANG of why UVa Law is the best! 

Pour one out for Turkish democracy, 1923-2017. Atatürk’s vision for a secular Turkey was pretty great, ANG will miss it! Not as much as ANG misses Buffalo Wild Wings, but still a good amount.

Thumbs down to taxes being due yesterday. ANG is really hoping that they have conjugal visits in debtors’ prison, because ANG hasn’t filed taxes since that settlement ANG won against the Harris Teeter checkout clerk. 

Congratulations to our graduating staff! We hate to see you go, but we love to watch you leave.