Faculty Quotes 4/19/17

K. Forde-Mazrui: “I didn’t even get interviews with Supreme Court Justices so [pause] eff them”

A. Coughlin: “You wouldn’t have found [the evidence], cause I woulda flushed it down the tubes, which is what toilets are gonna be in the future: tubes. You heard it here first.”

J. Setear: “If you have a basement full of marijuana, you’re probably not going to smoke it all by yourself. Although I am not so sure about this guy who I play pickle ball with.”

J. G. Hylton: “[to students who may become judges] If you want to test the boundaries of cruel and unusual punishment, sentence someone to read all the Supreme Court’s Commerce Clause cases from 1865 to 1888.”

J. Duffy: “The rule is the air-conditioning in my house is turned on, so it’s warm enough to wear seersucker.”

K. Kordana: “The American dream: overalls to overalls in three generations”

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