Around North Grounds 4/5/17

Thumbs up to Libel 109! ANG especially identified with the “Back seat baller,” except ANG is not gonna be 180K taller.

Thumbs down to the new rug backstage at Libel. ANG wants to know why they feel the need to cover up the drawing of a spaceship. NASA is still important, mkay?

Thumbs down to Patrick Ewing being Georgetown’s new coach. ANG is shocked that they managed to hire someone less relevant than their basketball team generally. Maybe this year, they will make the tournament. Not the NCAA tournament, the DC-area high school championship tournament.

Thumbs up to the start of LRW oral arguments for 1Ls. Remember, you can’t do as badly as that student who was arrested mid-argument a few years ago. ANG hears that kid still passed LRW though. 

Thumbs up to Melania Trump’s new White House official portrait. ANG also has an official portrait, but it is banned from Facebook and Twitter because it “shocks the conscience.” 

Thumbs up to the Libel Show for advertising hors d'oeuvres every year but actually just serving Goldfish crackers in red cups. The French might thumb their noses, but ANG was thrilled. 

Congrats to Country singer Miranda Lambert on winning her 8th consecutive American Country Music Awards Female vocalist of the year. It must have been so special to have a whole twenty people watching while she won. ANG is the subject of the country music song, “Please Stop Urinating on My Lawn.”

Thumbs up to the 3L Class Agent Pledge Drive. ANG has pledged ANG’s entire net worth, but apparently, LSF saw through that ruse and refused to take on ANG’s debt. 

Thumbs down to April Fools. Apparently the police charges were not a joke and ANG is definitely wanted for arson.

Thumbs up to Gonzaga and UNC for making the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship! ANG doesn’t know what a Gonzaga is, but after ANG’s run-in with UNC campus police last year (apparently public nudity doesn’t count as artistic expression in Chapel Hill), ANG cannot in good conscience support the Tar Heels.