Faculty Quotes 4/5/17

R. Mason: “What does an angel do? Forgive your taxes. It comes at a big price: you have to die, but you were going to do that anyway.”

G.E. White: “Suppose I serve meals to my cats, on fancy platters, while singing a song of my own creation.”

S. Walt: “That’s sort of whiny. That’s begging in an off-putting way. Meow?”

A. Coughlin: Don’t teach your baby the words mama or dada first - their first word should be “lawyer”

K. Kordana: “Brazil’s got a candidate for the Asian Development Bank-- LOL, screw you, you’re not even in Asia.”

J. Setear: “I want to teach a course called “Pirates,” but I’ll probably have to call it “Naval Interdiction Law.”

D. Hellman: “People can have sex all day long.”