Around North Grounds 8/30/17

Thumbs up and welcome to the Class of 2020! Guess what your eyesight won’t be in three years?

Thumbs down to white supremacists and neo-Nazis. See, President Trump? That wasn’t so hard. 

Congratulations to the Law Weekly for winning the ABA’s award for Best Law School Newspaper! Now can ANG get reimbursed for the replica Iron Throne ANG bought last year for the Law Weekly office?

Thumbs sideways to SBA. We appreciate that Thursday Kegs are back, but moving Bar Review to Friday nights after ANG already scheduled no Friday classes is just rude. 

Thumbs up toBachlorette Rachel Lindsey on her engagement! Though ANG disagrees with your taste in fiancé (#TeamPeter), ANG supports all lawyers featured in the Bachelor(ette) franchise. Serious question, is Judge Lindsey still accepting clerkship applications? 

Thumbs sideways to TSwift’s newest music video. While ANG supports being able to look like ANG crawled out of ANG’s own grave after Bar Review, ANG definitely does not want to make snakes in the WB hallway a ‘thing’ again. 

Thumbs up to McGregor losing and still earning $30 million. ANG just wishes Mayweather’s ex got $30 million for her bruises. 

Thumbs up to GoT for reminding ANG that a big, beautiful wall is not an effective border security strategy. 

You may have noticed the Law Weekly (finally) publishes writers’ gender pronouns! Now, dear aggrieved readers, you may properly accost our writers in accordance with their gender identity. ANG doesn’t use pronouns because ANG only refers to ANG’s self in the third person. Accordingly, please address all hate mail to “ANG’s Royal Highness” at 

The Law Weekly sends our love to Dean Davies and wishes her a quick recovery!