Around North Grounds 9/13/17

Thumbs up to Floridians helping each other face Hurricane Irma. While ANG wishes that we didn’t need a natural disaster to come together, ANG loves seeing Floridians being #irmastrong. 

Thumbs down to the Law School administration forcing ANG to repeat Civ Pro yet again. The Law School’s tyrannical insistence that ANG be able to recite and apply this archaic code has prevented ANG from graduating for too long. Three generations of imbeciles are enough! Wait . . . 

Thumbs sideways to scheduling the Concert for Charlottesville for the same day as Foxfield. Sure, ANG is double-booked, but ANG will be moving Side to Side while the 1Ls are still cleaning up at Foxfield.

Thumbs down to the new It movie. If ANG wanted to be terrified, ANG would ask what was living under the floorboards in WB (answer: snakes). 

Thumbs up to the fact that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are back in the public eye with their new books, it really helps hide the fact that Steven Glendon stole the 2016 election. 

Thumbs sideways to Princess Kate’s new pregnancy. While ANG’s chances of being adopted keeps decreasing, ANG’s chances of marrying into the royal family keep increasing. 

Thumbs up to softball starting! ANG has already joined five teams… but like ANG’s teammates, ANG will stop showing up to games as soon as they pass out jerseys. 

Thumbs down to the Rod and Gun club for going on a dove hunt. Seriously? Shooting the symbol of peace in these tumultuous times? If you must shoot something shoot the snakes in WB (Please don’t, guns are not allowed on grounds).

Our hearts go out to the victims on 9/11 and their families. We will never forget.