Faculty Quotes 9/13/17

K. Kordana: “I don’t believe in what they teach you in LRW stuff, like I always say, ‘Don’t get bogged down in IRAC’”

J.C. Jeffries Jr. : [Discussing the 9th Circuit] “[Summary reversal] is particularly insulting: you were so wrong that we don’t even need to talk about it.”

O.W. Broome Jr.: “That was a great party… they’re now in jail.”

J. Hylton: “I believe there is a common law tradition that the time on the clock on the wall governs.”

B. Spellman: “How many of you are 1Ls? Good, none.”’

A. Vollmer: “What do you do if you are a real American? You sue under the Securities Act!”

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