Around North Grounds 9/20/17

Thumbs up to the appointment of James E. Ryan, first in the class of ’92, as UVa’s ninth president! ANG is excited to have a Law School alum as president, but ANG worries this might usher in a new age of respect for gunners, which ANG does not approve of.

Thumbs down to Equifax putting half the population’s sensitive data at risk. ANG would prefer ANG’s student loans stay where no one can see them. Or think about them. Including ANG.

Thumbs down to professors opting out of faculty quotes. All ANG is trying to do is accelerate your achievement of “legend” status . . .  

Thumbs up to Sean Spicer at the Emmys. What a country we live in, where redemption exists even for the most self-debasing of liars!

Thumbs down to a certain president who still hasn’t gotten over winning the election almost a year ago and continues to share inappropriate gifs regarding same. Didn’t your momma teach you good sportsmanship? 

Thumbs up to the Immigration Law Program’s Ice Cream Social yesterday. ANG never realized how interested ANG is in, ah, immigration law. If any other organizations are seeking ANG’s attendance, you know how to get it.

Thumbs down to the ticket scalping laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia. ANG was just trying to make a couple bucks off #Concert4Charlottesville for ANG’s goat-breeding operation, and now ANG will have to check that “have you ever been convicted of a crime.” 

Thumbs up to the Juggalos bringing the Dark Carnival to Trump’s three-ring circus. ANG is already stocking up on Faygo for next year.

ANG extends once more a bouquet of congratulations to Young Helmsman Kim Jong-un on another successful test of intermediate-range strategic ballistic missile Hwasong-12. The bellicose Yankee wig man Trump and his warmonger puppets will surely be humbled by the DPRK’s resolute deterrence force! (ANG’s hands tremble as ANG draws wider and wider circles on a world map.)