Around North Grounds 9/27/17

Thumbs up to the release of Hillary Clinton’s new book. ANG is heartened that, should ANG be defeated in achieving ANG’s dreams, there’s still the possibility of a lucrative book deal. And, anyway, it will never be ANG’s fault.

Thumbs down to Steven Glendon’s continued refusal to accept responsibility for the Russian election hacking scandal. After the betrayal of #GlendonsDonuts2017, ANG hopes Glendon will show a little contrition for his lies and deceit! 

Thumbs up to the reelection of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. ANG expected the Leader of the Free World to be a woman in 2017. ANG was right!

Thumbs down to 1L memo season. ANG doesn’t do much studying, but if ANG did, the presence of loud, socially anxious, would-be SCOTUS clerks in the once-peaceful stacks would be a serious imposition.

Thumbs up to the wonderful little terrier dog things running at Foxfield. Amidst the debauchery of cheap liquor, false bravado, and horrifically bougie hats, ANG is glad that these canine competitors shone forth as the day’s heroes.

Question: if ANG didn’t take a picture with ANG’s closest 53 friends at Foxfield, did ANG even attend Foxfield? Does ANG even HAVE friends? Answer: Apparently, no.

Thumbs down to the sun. ANG didn’t need this full body blistering reminder of pallor. ANG didn’t need it at all.

Thumbs up to JT bringing sexy back in capri-length pants. They were the calves Charlottesville needed, and also the calves we deserved.

Thumbs down to the President picking a fight with the entire NFL. Did the dotard not have anything else to do this weekend?