Around North Grounds 9/6/17

Thumbs up to the UVa Football Team winning on Saturday. The only thing that surprises ANG more than the fact that UVa still has a football team is that William& Mary also has a football team. 

Thumbs down to Starbucks for faking out ANG on the start of PSL season. ANG dressed in leggings, Uggs, and a Northface jacket on Sept 1st FOR NOTHING.

Congratulations to Zach Britt and Dan Richardson, EIC of the Virginia Law Review, on their wedding this weekend. ANG hopes there’s an open bar. Best wishes!

Thumbs down to the Virginia Law Review for soliciting student-written articles on current events. That’s ANG’s domain. If VLR wants to start a turf war over half-baked student editorials, it should at least bring pizza.

Thumbs up to Softball Season starting. ANG appreciates watching 1Ls slowly realize gym class is back. 

Thumbs down to Trump nullifying DACA. ANG seriously hopes that The Donald doesn’t think that doing something so petty and cruel will distract the news cycle from Rus- who are we kidding.

Heartest felt congratulations to Dear Respected Comrade Marshal Kim Jong-un on the successful test of the DPRK hydrogen bomb. ANG looks forward earnestly to the destruction of the American aggressors and the eternal victory of Juche Thought. Please don’t touch the law school.

Thumbs down to the approaching Hurricane Irma. ANG will be waiting with bated breath for your emails, Stephen T. Parr.

Thumbs down to Joel Osteen. Refusing to help the homeless and displaced is boring—ANG prefers ANG’s megachurch scandals with hookers and blow.