Faculty Quotes 9/6/17

J. C. Jeffries, Jr.: “That’s what lawyers are paid to do: stand up and say with apparent sincerity things which are preposterous.”

M. Riley: “What do we need to do to get real legal change? That’s right, kill children.”

J. Mahoney: “It’s difficult to say no to a child selling Girl Scout cookies, even to a truculent child.”

R. Hynes: “I’m an academic, so I’m doing what academics do. I’m driving my Subaru and listening to NPR.”

J. Harrison: “You have to wonder how many fires are set by firefighters so they can slide down the pole.”

J. Setear: “Often the standard of review for those types of issues is de novo. What’s the name of that singer...Demi Lodovo...?”

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