Around North Grounds 1/24/18

On behalf of the Student Body, the Law Weekly accepts the return of the (broken) RFK bust as a sign of surrender from the Z Society. Mystically, ANG.

Thumbs down to the Super Bowl match-up. Speaking of shitholes, ANG can’t believe ANG has to choose between rooting for Philadelphia and the literal devils, but here we are. Yawn.

Thumbs down to new, ‘Good Harvest’ food in ScoCo. ANG depended on students’ tasteless, disappointed throw-aways to live. Doesn’t that mean anything to anyone? Shame on the food service department for making this change, and shame on Steven T. Parr for enabling them.

ANG gathers from general conversation that grades have yet to be posted. ANG just realized something terrible: we all forgot to email Dean Dugas to remind him to post the grades. Quick everyone, do your duty! Send Dean Dugas an email today! Remember to sign, “best-[your name in all lowercase].”

All kidding aside, ANG doesn’t know whose fault the failure to post grades is, so ANG will default to blaming the Law School’s most culpable subject: thumbs down to President Steven Glendon. 

Thumbs up to Netflix releasing all of these brand new seasons of television just in time for the new semester. ANG needed something to watch in the library now that all those pesky undergrads have finally cleared of ANG’s favorite pretend-to-do-work tables.

Thumbs down to NBC executives refusing to tell loyal fans how #jackdies in This is Us. ANG hasn’t cried this much watching a show since Grey’s Anatomy. And Game of Thrones. And Sesame Street. ANG actually just cries a lot.

Thumbs up to sharks. Sharks are ANG’s favorite animal. Anyone who doesn’t like sharks is clearly a person of moral turpitude. No, ANG doesn’t have anyone specifically in mind, why do you ask?

Thumbs down to the Kardashians. ANG hasn’t been keeping up.