Around North Grounds 1/31/18

Thumbs down to no bus to Barrister’s. Thumbs up to ANG’s new career as an Uber driver. Even Cravath can’t match that sweet 679% surge.

Thumbs up to Feb Club starting this week. ANG prepares more for this annual test of endurance than most (all) final exams—and ANG’s GPA proves it. 

Thumbs down to whoever keeps filling in the sudokus in the Law Weekly and putting it back on the stand. You may think you’re being green, but you’re actually just a jerk.

Thumbs up to Libel Auditions this week. ANG is confident that ANG will finally be cast due to ANG’s investment in a lusty-gallant red woolen suit and complimentary ruff and rapier. ANG feels certain that a good Shakespearean sonnet recitation is just the tone the Libel Show is looking for. 

Thumbs up to the typo, (“State of the Uniom”) written on the State of the Union tickets. ANG has been trying to convince professors for years that typos in exams are okay. If Congress can get away with it, ANG should be able to, too!  

Thumbs up to the professor in Slaughter using an overhead. Yeah—an actual overhead! ANG hasn’t felt this sort of historical reverence for a professor since ANG found out Professor Bonnie was born in the 19th Century!

Thumbs down to the weather recently. ANG refuses to go to school when the temperature is less than ANG’s age. Since ANG gave up math for life upon getting into law school, ANG can’t be sure of ANG’s actual age and is therefore just gonna stay in bed until further notice, just to be safe. 

Thumbs up to midway toast for 2Ls. Realize while it looks like you’ve aged five years, it’s only been a year and a half. 

Thumbs up to the universe casting Tom Hanks to play the late Mister Rogers of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. ANG needs as many supplementary father figures as ANG can get. Professor Abraham, any way you get involved in production? Maybe calmly explaining insurance between film segments?