Around North Grounds 2/14/18

Thumbs sideways to Valentine’s Day. While that annual reminder of the acute pain of loneliness isn’t what ANG needed for the new semester, ANG really looks forward to those February 15th candy deals.

Thumbs up to the Olympics! ANG would like to petition the Olympic Committee to include “Sitting in a WB classroom without a sweater” in the next Winter Olympics. 

Thumbs down to Z Society rising above and not engaging in the blood feud ANG is trying to build. 

Thumbs up to Mirai Nagasu for making Herstory and becoming the first American woman to land a triple axel at the Olympics! Meanwhile in the OAR, that’s the prerequisite to entering kindergarten. 

Thumbs up to Cavalier Basketball. Somehow we are still number 1! Somehow we are still number 1!

Thumbs down to the comparisons of Kim Yo-jong and Ivanka Trump . . . ANG hates it when certain news organizations (*cough* CNN *cough*) make ANG say it, but #fakenews.

Thumbs up to the new official portraits of Michelle and Barack Obama. ANG’s own portrait (in the vein of Dean Spies’ snow leopard fur cape) is scheduled for public unveiling “when you become a Dean of this University, ANG, please stop emailing us about this.”

Thumbs sideways to the British tourists accused of “pornographic dancing” in Cambodia. On the one hand, ANG defers to the legislative authority of laws within their jurisdiction. On the other hand, ANG now lives in fear of ANG’s actions at Das Klub coming back to haunt ANG.

Thumbs up to Jamaica’s dance entrance to the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony. ANG would like to propose that professors take note. Nelson? A cool dance intro to Legislation? All the excitement statutory interpretation ever needed!