Faculty Quotes 2/14/18

K. Kordana: “A friend of mine had a baby at Sibley hospital and when I went to see them, I asked to see the audit records . . But I was treated like some kind of freak!”

M. Robinson: “You’ve got one male spouse, one female spouse, and a lot of little, whaddaya call ‘em, spouselets? There’s more than 50 shades of gray here!”  

A. Coughlin: “Oh em gee, the curtilage!” 

S. Prakash: "Do people know about string cheese? I first found out about it in Scouts, I was amazed."

C. Nelson: "But you can't falsify a fish. And you can't make a false entry in a fish. Indeed, you can't even make a true entry in a fish."

A.E.D. Howard: "I lie a lot."

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