Around North Grounds 2/28/18

Thumbs up to the conclusion of the Olympics. ANG is still glorying in Team USA’s gold medal in curling. Take that, Canada! Even in your traditional domains of dominance--uselessness and ice sports--America has triumphed!

Thumbs down to dangling prepositions. They are something up with which ANG will not put.

Thumbs sideways to the start of Spring Softball. ANG missed the smell of freshly cut grass but is still recovering from sliding into home face first… during a warm up… for another team. #playhardorgohome

Thumbs up to Spring Break starting at the end of the week. ANG is excited to go to the Monster Truck rally in Arkansas with Prof. Mitchell. His loyalty rewards card certainly made ANG’s dream financially reasonable!

Thumbs down to Feb Club being over. A week ago ANG was “festive” and “collegial,” but now ANG is just “dressed in ridiculous outfits” and “drinking alone every night."

Thumbs up to the impending dog show ANG will be judging in Spies Garden after Spring Break. #spreadtherumor #allthepuppies

Thumbs sideways to Steve Harvey feeling he’s finally “off the hook” for Miss America after that Oscars mix-up in 2017. On the one hand, is he though? On the other hand, ANG’s hopeful that in six months’ time, ANG can finally be off the hook those things ANG did at Bilt last August.

Thumbs up to Libel’s theme: “Libel’s Angels.” ANG is really happy Libel is pursuing such a feminist storyline where women kick butt . . . at the behest of an unidentified man. Whatever, drinking tickets are $15 so ANG isn’t protesting too hard.

Congratulations to the Olympic Athletes from Russia for their gold medal in men’s hockey, the country’s greatest victory since the 2016 election!