Around North Grounds 2/7/18

Thumbs up to the Super Bowl. ANG still isn’t sure who won, but the riots in Philadelphia were pretty good.

Thumbs up to those 1L journal tryouts coming down the pipe. The snakes ANG keeps under the WB floorboards feed off 1L anxiety, and have been growing a little hangry since the break.

Thumbs sideways to ANG being cast in the Libel Show. On the one hand, ANG loves to perform, on the other hand, ANG was counting on getting ANG’s own trailer. 

Thumbs up to Kylie Jenner announcing the birth of her baby girl during the Super Bowl to avoid extraneous press. However, ANG has a Google alert on all of the Kardashians and was able to ‘keep up’ at the same pace that the Pats failed to present a defense. 

Thumbs down to United Airlines for refusing to allow ANG’s emotional support peacock to board ANG’s plane. ANG is considering seeking an injunction requiring United to purchase ANG another emotional support peacock. Two emotional support peacocks are better than one.

Thumbs up to the tax cut. Sure, the Dow’s down ten percent and ANG can’t pay for ANG’s health insurance anymore, but the $1.50-and-a-box-of-Twinkies per week raise ANG gets now are pretty sweet.

Thumbs down to the recent spate of Amtrak crashes and derailments throughout the region. ANG was supposed to have a monopoly on trainwrecks.

Thumbs up to the “ice pellets” this past weekend. ANG always wanted weather that both sounds like a gourmet dog food and causes physical pain.

Thumbs down to the groundhog seeing his shadow. Again. Couldn’t you just close your eyes or something, Phil? ANG does it all the time in morning classes.

Thumbs up to Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) and #TheMemo! ANG sent a copy to Joe Fore to show him that ANG’s memo wasn’t “the worst memo in the history of memos.”