Around North Grounds 4/18/18

Congratulations to Desi Linden on being the first American woman to win the Boston Marathon in more than thirty years! And congratulations to Wade Foster ’19 for completing the Boston Marathon in impressive time! Not to brag, but ANG walked to the D3 parking lot the other day...

Thumbs up to Senator Klobuchar (D-MN) raising $17K from her exes for her campaign. ANG wants to fundraise this way, but most of ANG’s exes are celebrities that ANG has never met. 

Thumbs down to how awake Professor Cohen is in the morning. There’s just no need, sir. There is NO NEED.

Thumbs sideways to the UVa Emergency Alert system for warning us about the fire department response to an incident at {{custom_message}}. ANG was {{custom_message}} but then {{custom_message}} so {{custom_message}}.

Thumbs down to the Kardashians for naming their newest progeny “True.” What, was “False” taken? ANG foresees a future in scantron read errors for this child.

Thumbs sideways to attorney–client privilege in the political limelight. On the one hand, ANG’s glad that semester of Prof. Mitchell yelling “rhetorical” accusations at ANG paid off. On the other hand, is it Attorney Client privilege? Or attorney-client privilege? Which–one-is—it?

Spotted: Professor Setear cutting the Spring BBQ food line saying, “The Law Weekly quotes me all the time!”

Thumbs up to visiting Judge Easterbrook’s founding of new Law School band “The Dead Legislators.” ANG for one is excited to wear their new Ann Taylor-brand band shirt!

Thumbs down to the last Law Weekly edition of the year. Have a great summer and see you in hell, 3Ls!!