Around North Grounds 9/12/18

Thumbs down to the new UVa Law email that stole its title from a recurring Law Weekly feature and its content from a recurring SBA email. #honorcode

Thumbs sideways to the FedSoc sign-up table bagels. On the one hand, a “free” bagel to become a member is a goods-for-services trade ANG can get behind. On the other, not providing cream cheese is a blatant violation of the implied covenant of food-enjoyability.

Thumbs up to Stephen T. Parr. For the second year in a row Parr has unleashed his righteous weatherly wrath on the debaucherous spectacle that is Dandelion!

The basilisk under the WB floorboards proclaims “unwavering faith in ANG.” Thank you, Honorable Basilisk. We will get it done together.

Thumbs up to Twitter permanently banning Alex Jones and Infowars, citing abuse. ANG would like to suggest a permanent ban on temperatures above 80F. Similar reasons.

Thumbs sideways to Justice Kennedy’s visit. ANG would vote straight up or down but just doesn’t want to commit right now.

Thumbs up to the 1L at the prison reform event who quoted Jefferson seemingly impromptu. Good on you, lad. With audacious, un-self-aware pretense like that, you’re VLR-bound for sure!

Thumbs down to the Kavanaugh hearings. If ANG wanted four days of televised grandstanding, non-questions, and non-answers, ANG would have turned on C-SPAN literally at any point since its inception in 1979.

Thumbs up to the fall return of primetime television. ANG needs other things to do besides drink at Bilt.

Thumbs down to the new Bachelor pick, Colton Haynes. Watching someone with a moral compass and no shady past find love is less entertaining than Prof. Garrett’s lectures.