Tyler Ambrose: A Story of Destiny

Tyler D’Ambrose ‘21
Staff Editor

There are many times in one’s life where the path forward seems uncertain and every turn could be the wrong one.  But on occasion, opportunities will present themselves that compel one’s attention.  That is precisely the situation that transpired when this writer was given the opportunity to sit down with someone at UVA, with whom he shares a nearly identical name. 

           When pressed with the hard question of why his last name was missing a “D” and an apostrophe, Ambrose insightfully answered that, since he was born before me, it was I who most likely had the misspelled name.  Quick wit and insight come second-hand to Tyler Ambrose.  A UVA graduate who deferred from Harvard Law to work as the Assistant to the Dean for Special Projects, Ambrose has displayed a remarkable capacity for talent in his short professional career.  In his current role, Ambrose provides special support to Dean Goluboff.  In addition to providing briefing materials to the Dean’s guests at the Law School and helping her prepare for meetings and events, Ambrose also facilitates the Dean’s social media presence.  In speaking about Dean Goluboff, Ambrose said simply, “She’s brilliant.”  Ambrose expressed appreciation for being able to “learn a lot from her” during his time at UVA, and expressed appreciation for being exposed to the different perspectives of his co-workers.  Ambrose specifically mentioned how the Dean’s sense of humor helps to “energize the people around her.”

           Additionally, Ambrose said that UVA’s unique environment makes it a special place among the other top law schools in the country.  Before arriving at UVA, Ambrose was not sure if collegiality “was just a talking point” used by admissions to attract prospective students.  His experience here indicates otherwise.  “Most of my co-workers have been here for at least fifteen years.  I think that speaks to the environment here.”

           The interview was not without controversy, however.  Being in Charlottesville for a few years has given Ambrose a unique perspective on one of the area’s most popular restaurants: Bodo’s Bagels.  On the topic of Charlottesville eateries, Ambrose said simply, “I think bagels are overrated.”  Ambrose contended that there is an “overwhelming hype over Bodo’s.”  As he puts it, “A bagel’s a bagel’s a bagel.”  While Ambrose’s credibility on this position is without question, it remains to be seen whether the UVA student body can handle the uncomfortable veracity of this statement.

           As for Ambrose’s future prospects, there seems to be no limit to what he may accomplish.  Although he is “not sure what [his] long-term destiny is,” Ambrose expressed interest in higher-education spaces.  He hopes that eventual obtainment of a law degree will help him engage in higher education advocacy in “a more sophisticated way.”  There is no doubt that his experience at UVA will help him in this regard.  And with a name as great as his own, there is plenty of potential to be realized.