75 Ways to Guarantee It'll Be 1L of a Year

Taylor Elicegui, '20
Features Editor

Welcome Class of 2021! The Virginia Law Weekly staff is very excited to welcome you to UVa Law. We compiled a list of the must-do UVa things to do if you want to succeed this year.

1.     Get the #1 ticket at Bodo’s

2.     Introduce yourself to Mandy

3.     Go to the snack room three times in one day

4.     Learn what a tort is (hint: it’s not a pastry)

5.     Attend Dandelion, then question if you are, in fact, attending a professional school?

6.     Play in a softball game. Hit a home run! Or, just hit the ball for the first time in your life

7.     Invite your professor to your softball game

8.     Drink a beer at a softball game

9.     Take your professor out to lunch

10.  Survive your first cold call! (It’s really just answering a question in class, which we’ve all done a hundred times)

11.  Go to Bar Review

12.  Join a student organization

13.  Question why you signed up for so many activities at the Activity Fair and now get so many emails

14.  Sign up for an IM-rec class

15.  Feel like Beyoncé when the air conditioning blows your hair as you walk into Slaughter

16.  Get lost upstairs in Slaughter

17.  Ring in autumn at Carter Mountain with a cup of cider and some just-picked apples

18.  Keep a sweater in your locker to survive the summer air conditioning

19.  Hike Humpback Rock with your section

20.  Don’t forget to drag along the most anti-hiking/outdoors of your pals by telling them you’ll go to Blue Mountain Brewery and get some nachos after the hike.

21.  Google “UVa Law Libel 2018.” Watch “UVa Law Boyz” and “Please Read”

22.  Fall down the wonderful YouTube rabbit-hole that is law school Libel videos

23.  Get invited to a professor’s house for dinner

24.  Donate something for the PILA Auction

25.  Buy something at the PILA Auction

26.  Get a $6 steak from Sedona Taphouse

27.  Attend a Weekly Winddown

28.  Go to a Wednesday Social

29.  Consult the last page of the Law Weekly to see where you can get free lunch this week

30.  Attend a lunch event solely for the Chick-Fil-A

31.  Try out for the Libel Show

32.  Host a dinner party with a professor-themed cocktail menu

33.  Form a study group

34.  Start outlining when your PAs tell you to and not before then

35.  Buy a suit

36.  Get your suit tailored

37.  Ponder the questionable merits of pantyhose as you shop for OGI suits (and let us know if you do, in fact, discover such merits actually exist)

38.  Attend Virginia Law Women’s Faculty Wine and Cheese Night

39.  Get dumplings after a night out

40.  Get pizza from Christian’s Pizza after a night out (and yes, that does mean I am suggesting you go out more than one time this semester)

41.  Try out the massage chair in the library

42.  Attend Virginia Law Women’s Women in Public Service Event

43.  Go to Lampo for some of the best pizza you’ve ever had in your life. Learn there’s a forty minute wait and decide to wait it out at Champion’s Brewery or Potter’s Cider Garden. Realize the anticipation can (almost) be the best part.

44.  Go to a Gunners ’N’ Roses show

45.  Become friends with your Legal Writing Fellow and hope they forgive your lousy second memo

46.  Work on becoming a true oenophile (as opposed to someone who just drinks a lot of wine) and go wine-tasting at a local vineyard at least once.

47.  Learn how to write a legal memo

48.  Go to Brazos Tacos

49.  Check out Three Notch’d Brewery (the one with the kitchen—make sure you order the pretzel bites)

50.  Study in the library

51.  Study in Spies Garden

52.  Study in the ScoCo quiet room

53.  “Study” in ScoCo

54.  Exercise (just once)

55.  Try a class at Fly Dog Yoga

56.  Refrain from asking a question that starts with “What if…”

57.  Don’t be afraid to ask good questions, though

58.  Go to office hours/update your profile picture

59.  Print your resume for free in the Copy Center

60.  Create a LinkedIn

61.  Go back through your social media and delete everything you wouldn’t want to explain to your grandmother

62.  Go to trivia at Mellow Mushroom

63.  Go to a UVa Sporting Event

64.  Follow a professor on Twitter (or #AppellateTwitter for Professor Fore)

65.  Follow Virginia Law Women on Twitter

66.  Have a full out prom-style photoshoot for Barrister’s Ball

67.  Multitask and choose both your new favorite restaurant and your new favorite law firm based on the culinary offerings at firm receptions

68.  Take a bubble bath to de-stress

69.  Impulse-buy the entire line of Bath & Bodyworks’ Comfort products during journal tryouts. Question if this is a cry for help

70.  Survive journal tryouts! It’s only one weekend, and we’ve all been there

71.  If you still (gasp!) read for pleasure, take advantage of the Law School getting free intra-campus delivery of library books

72.  Develop reverence for Stephen T. Parr, UVa Law’s favorite weather email guy

73.  Enjoy a snow day!

74.  Be sad when it’s all over

And finally, the single most important thing to make the most of your 1L year and succeed:

75.  Join the Virginia Law Weekly by coming to Monday meetings at 5:30 pm in SL 279