Hot Bench: Phoebe Willis '18

Phoebe Willis '18

1.  Have you ever had a nickname? 

What? Pheebs (even my parents call me that)

2.  What is your favorite word? 


3.  Where did you grow up? 

Fredericksburg, Va.

4.  What’s the best meal you’ve ever had? 

Any Black Tap Milkshake (I have a huge sweet tooth and love to eat dessert as a meal).

5.  If you could meet one celebrity, who would it be and why? 

Angie Mar—my fiancée is a huge foodie and we go to the Beatrice Inn for her birthday every year. I would want to meet Angie to ask her if she would give me cooking lessons.

6.  If you owned a sports team, what/who would be the mascot? 

The Notorious RBGs because Ruth Bader Ginsburg is indestructible.

7.  If you had to pick one song to play non-stop in the background of your life, what would it be? 

A mash-up of “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons and “Rise Up” by Andra Day. 

8.  If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be? 

Flying. I hate driving and sitting in traffic (I’m often in a rush). It would be really cool to just zip around.

9.  What’s something you wish you’d known about law school before coming to UVa? 

Don’t buy any highlighters or water bottles—there are so many free ones here!

10.  What did you have for breakfast this morning? 

Eggs, bacon, and a biscuit because my fiancée cooked. I only see her on the weekends, so during the week I typically eat a banana.

11.  What’s your most interesting two-truths-and-a-lie? (And what’s the lie?)

I once fractured my left foot in eleven places

I accepted a job as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs (lie, I turned it down)

I’ve gotten five stitches on my face without anesthesia 

12.  If you could live anywhere, where would it be? 


13.  What’s the best gift you’ve ever received? 

A pogo stick when I was ten, I bounced around on that thing for hours. I had some crazy record of over 1,000 bounces in a row without falling off.

14.  If the Law School had yearbook awards, what would you want to win? 

Most likely not to be a lawyer in ten years.

15.  If you could know one thing about your future, what would it be? 

Will I ever get a Sleep Number mattress? 

16.  Backstreet Boys or *NSYNC? 

I was more into strong female vocalists during the 90s—Britney, Missy Elliot, TLC, Christina, P!nk

19.  What’s your favorite thing to do in Charlottesville? 

Charlottesville Farmers’ Market on a Saturday morning.

20.  If you could make one law that everyone had to follow, what would it be? 

For every complaint, a person also has to propose at least one solution.