Law Weekly Staff Biography: David W. Ranzini '20

David W. Ranzini ‘20
Production Editor

Law Weekly Position: Production Editor 

Hometown: Waynesboro, VA 

Undergrad: I, sir, am a graduate of the College of William and Mary! Raised at TJ’s alma mater to make fun of the school he merely founded, I couldn’t be gladder to be here at UVA Law.  

Favorite Fish: Mackerel, whether raw, flame-broiled, or pickled.  

Least Favorite Fish: Hagfish. These vile prehistoric slime eels taste like a caramelized inner tube.   

Weeknight Tipples: 1. Negroni 2. Whiskey Sour. 3. Gimlet.  

7-11, Lawson, or FamilyMart? 7-Eleven pasta is superior to either major competitor, but its coffee lags significantly. Its oden is best-of-breed. FamilyMart is a strong contender in the coffee space, and is the only one which offers make-your-own frappes. Lawson’s coffee edges past FamiMa, but its pizza manju are what really satisfy. Circle K, Sunkus, and the independents typically boast better bread selections than any of the majors, but when you want a curry-filled dumpling, it’s 2 a.m., and the last train has left the station, that’s when Lawson comes through clutch.   

What? Take my word for it, this is important.  

Why I Joined the Law WeeklyWas press-ganged into the first meeting by my brother Gregory Ranzini ’18. Love ya, Greg!  

Favorite Law School Activity: The Law Weekly is without a doubt the best community of any in the Law School. The friends I’ve made here have more than made up for the sacrifice of my Monday nights.