Looking Back: 70 Years of the Law Weekly

An Unwelcome Reminder of Our Unpreparedness 

“Know anything about local rules? Electronic filing? Chambers procedures? Vendor-neutral citation format? Compiling an appendix to the briefs? If not, you will soon. Clinical experience is probably the best way to become acquainted with the nuts and bolts the law firm will likely assume you already know.” Library News, “Reality Check,” Virginia Law Weekly, Friday, September 30, 2005. I’m confused—you mean to tell me that my law practice will not revolve around assessing Fourteenth Amendment claims and the implied warranty of habitability? 


Which Do You Prefer: #JoeForesBeard or #JoeForesStache?  

“For the gentlemen of the law school, start a mustache growing competition. The men from Section H engaged in such a facial challenge last year with a wide array of results. The proliferation of Inigo Montoyas, musketeers, and Harley Davidson joyriders around the law school will bring welcome smiles to all.” Lauren Kapsky ’10, “Winter Blues: A Preparedness Guide,” Virginia Law Weekly, Friday, November 20, 2009. This is a plea to Professor Fore and the Law School community at-large: please bring back the Inigo Montoya inspired moustaches. 

Pictured: Professor Fore in hirsute sakad days (2009)

Pictured: Professor Fore in hirsute sakad days (2009)


Some Things Never Change 

“In general, the Administration has taken a much more active role in both selecting and scheduling the activities for the [Admitted Students] weekend… The Administration has justified this shift in control by openly stating that they are concerned with improving the school’s prime recruiting experience, despite all objective criteria indicating the overwhelming success of U.Va.’s Admitted Students Weekend. In particular, responses by some prospective students who have turned down U.Va. because they were turned off by the ‘fraternity’ or ‘old-boy’ atmosphere of U.Va. Law have prompted the administration to add more balance to what some perceive as a weekend of events heavy with drinking and socialization.” Alex Benjamin ’03, “Admitted Students Weekend: A Case of False Light Defamation?” Virginia Law Weekly, Friday, September 27, 2002. I was amazed to learn that SBA used to plan ASW and wanted to share that little tidbit. I think it’s for the best that we now have to hide our frat-boy tendencies until softball season rolls around, though. 

A Blast from the Political Past 

“VLW will continue its support for the Equal Rights Amendment. Unless there is an extension of the ratification deadline by Congress, ‘our efforts will be redoubled this year in pushing for ratification,’ Hughes says. VLW also intends to recruit top undergraduate women from Virginia colleges for the Law School. The organization is planning a panel discussion by professionals in October on the subject of two-career marriages.” Jon Hauser, “VLW Seeks New Members; Plans Conference for Spring,” Virginia Law Weekly, Friday, September 29, 1978.  


RIP Foxfield 

“To paraphrase the old adage: Some Law School events are born great, some become great over time, and some have greatness thrust upon them. This Sunday is Foxfield, a Law School event which is truly great for all three of those reasons.” Vanguard of Democracy, Virginia Law Weekly, Friday, September 27, 1996. I’m very sorry to the 1Ls, who will not get to experience this great event. I’m even sorrier for my fellow 2Ls, who will not get to benefit from the food and drinks the 1Ls provide. This new Fauxfield event has a lot to live up to, but the name gives me hope—really a great pun and bonus points to whoever came up with it.