Robbie Pomeroy '19
Toccara Nelson '19
Kirsten Jackson '18
Jill Winter '18
Kiersten Fowler '17
Brady Mickelen '17
ASOH Co-Chairs


As the Law School prepares to welcome the Class of 2020, we are thrilled to announce that Admitted Students Open House is this Thursday and Friday. During ASOH, we officially introduce our admitted students to the community and culture we foster here at UVa Law. Current students have the opportunity to reminisce about why they chose UVa while getting to know our incoming class. This year’s ASOH is bringing you some of your favorite events from years past while shaking things up with exciting new events. We hope everyone joins us for as many events as possible this weekend as this is shaping up to be the best ASOH yet!

Photo courtesy www.abovethelaw.com

Photo courtesy www.abovethelaw.com

We will start off Thursday afternoon with tours, giving admitted students the opportunity to see our grounds, ask questions, and form their first impressions of our school. Admitted students: we know there’s a lot to see, so if you can’t remember where something is after the tour, don’t hesitate to ask any current students walking by!

Following the Law School tours, we will kick off ASOH with a Welcome BBQ in Spies Garden and Scott Commons. There, admitted students will have the opportunity to meet their future classmates while enjoying some of Charlottesville’s best BBQ (really, Charlottesville has some amazing food). The free food is sure to attract many current students as well, so be sure to mix and mingle with students of all years.

After the BBQ, admitted students will board buses for a private tour of Thomas Jefferson’s estate, Monticello. Admitted students will have the opportunity to bond with their new friends while interacting with the complex, and often cognitively dissonant, history surrounding Jefferson as the founder of our school, President of the United States, slave owner, academic, and more. Plus, they’ll get to find out whatever it is he did in Monticello (Hamilton, anyone?).

Bringing up the rear of our Thursday of fun is Trivia Night at Kardinal Hall. This will be another great opportunity for current and admitted students to mix and mingle, all while winning special prizes and eating pub grub.

Friday will begin with a breakfast in Caplin Pavilion, followed by a full slate of informational programs that will give admitted students the ins and outs about classes, career opportunities, financial aid, and so much more. Friday is packed with a lot of valuable programming, and we encourage admitted students to take advantage of any session that sounds interesting or helpful to them.

Lunch will be served during our numerous Student Life Panels, where our admits will be able to receive a more intimate and candid representation of what UVa law is really about through the eyes of our current students. Admitted students should also be on the lookout over the weekend for opportunities to meet with our affinity groups, some of which will be hosting some fun events for admits so that they can further get acquainted with our current students.

Friday will conclude with our “Supreme Alums” Reception in Caplin Pavilion, where admitted students will have the chance to meet faculty and recent UVa Law alumni who have achieved the distinguished honor of clerking for the Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States. Admitted students will get to enjoy great conversation, eat more food, and say goodbye to their new friends (until the fall semester!).

It is an honor to serve as your ASOH Co-Chairs this year. To our current faculty, staff, and students: thank you very much for volunteering to help welcome our amazing admitted students. ASOH wouldn’t be anything without your help, and we are so appreciative of the time you all take out to represent UVa Law. 

To our admitted students: We hope this year’s ASOH will allow you to see why UVa Law is nicknamed “The Disney World of Law Schools.” UVa Law affords students incredible opportunities to advance both academically and professionally, but we also want to emphasize the importance of the community we have built here. To maximize your ASOH experience, we encourage you to seize every opportunity to interact with this culture. Please feel free to ask us anything about UVa Law during the weekend. We are here to help; our school is your school. Do not hesitate to mingle with your fellow admits, current students, faculty, and staff. The connections you make here will endure throughout law school and beyond. The people you meet at ASOH will be your future classmates, your professors, your advisors, your co-workers, and your friends.  

We hope you all have a great time at UVa Law’s Admitted Students Open House. See you soon!