Brunch, Not Breakfast: Law Weekly Investigates the Charlottesville Brunch Scene

Grace Tang ‘21
Lifestyle Editor

Christina Luk ‘21
Executive Editor

Sedona Taphouse at 1035 Millmont St.

Brunch Time: Sundays 10:30 a.m.–1:30 p.m.


Grace: Although I was initially attracted to Sedona for their steak specials on Mondays, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they had quite the extensive brunch menu as well. Sedona is a great spot as they’re right by the law school, so that lazy, flaky brunch-friend has no excuse to bail. Generally there’s not much of a wait time, and Sedona has an excellent selection of breakfast beverages (and beverages in general). They also have a very extensive menu, so it’s a good choice for accommodating all palate. I got a mimosa and the classic eggs benny. Sedona is the perfect place for a low-key, weekend brunch with friends. #TreatYoself. 4.0/5


Christina: I’ll be real, I’m suspicious of any place that only offers brunch once a week. How can I entrust myself and my highly cultured brunch needs to a restaurant that doesn’t prioritize breakfast foods served at lunch? Still, I am a reporter of great integrity and hunger, and I do not allow my own correctly formed prejudices to keep me from a meal. If you cannot imagine a brunch without eggs, you are in good company at Sedona––their brunch menu features two omelets, three eggs benedicts, and an egg hash. The remaining item is their nutella french toast, which I heard is #eggscellent. The mimosas were decent. 3.5/5


Oakhurst Inn Cafe & Espresso Bar at 1616 Jefferson Park Ave

Brunch Time: Weekends 8:00 a.m.–2:00 p.m.


Grace: Brunch at Oakhurst Inn was trendy, modern and felt just over the top enough to make things fun. The exterior of the building is in a charming white house with wood trim, which makes the atmosphere relaxing and a little whimsical. The menu was very quirky and interesting, featuring seasonal items such as pumpkin waffles, coconut rice grits, and the classic millennial avocado toast. I ordered the eggs meurette, their most popular item, which is like a fancy take on eggs benedict but with much more extra. You know things are good when they come with “shiitake burgundy wine sauce” on top. Most ingredients are locally sourced as well, so you can feel good while you chow down a delicious brunch. 4.50/5


Christina: If you’re looking for brunch with a twist, Oakhurst is the place for you. It’s farther out from the Law School than Sedona, but that adds to its charm. It has less parking space, but remember, victory whets the appetite. My good friend Joy calls Oakhurst “the cutest little bed and breakfast,” but I have never strung those words together in my life, so I’ll leave that as it is. The menu is seasonal––because life is unpredictable and cruel––and sometimes your favorite item is missing from the menu. Do not let that discourage you. Brunch requires both courage and mental fortitude. I recommend the eggs meurette for as long as they are on the menu. With abundant natural lighting, great coffee, and amazing service, brunch at Oakhurst will leave you feeling satisfied and energized to start your last-minute Sunday readings. 4.5/5


MarieBette Cafe and Bakery at 700 Rose Hill Dr.

Brunch Time: Weekends 8:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m.


MarieBette’s Croque Madame. Photo Credit: Jenny Kwun.

MarieBette’s Croque Madame. Photo Credit: Jenny Kwun.

Grace: MarieBette Cafe and Bakery is a gem in Charlottesville. They’re perhaps most well known for their delicious pastries, which are temptingly displayed behind long glass counters as soon as you step through the front door. I spotted cookies the size of my face, various flaky pastries, and a decadent looking German chocolate cake, along with quiches and breads. Their shop is divided into two sections; the front sells pastries and other baked goods while the back seats hungry guests for their extensive brunch menu. Everything smells heavenly. Pro-tip: come early, or there will be a line on the weekend. Our party waited forty-five minutes for a seat, but it was worth the wait. I was recommended the banana cream stuffed nutella french toast, which was insanely tasty. I liked that the filling balanced out the sweetness of the nutella. Their croque monsieur is a great choice if you’re feeling something savory. Brownie points for the store’s great selection of espresso drinks and fresh pressed juices. Rating: 4.44/5


Christina Luk ‘21, Grace Tang ‘21, Kolleen Gladden ‘21 brunch at MarieBette’s. Photo Credit: Jenny Kwun.

Christina Luk ‘21, Grace Tang ‘21, Kolleen Gladden ‘21 brunch at MarieBette’s. Photo Credit: Jenny Kwun.

Christina: Nothing pumps me up for brunch like a forty-five-minute wait. Life and eggs are both sweeter when I’m at the ravenous edge of hunger. I highly recommend MarieBette’s “The Morning Jørgensen,” which is possibly the bougiest open-face smoked salmon sandwich in C’ville. When I went in February, MarieBette was serving a different featured flavor of hot chocolate each week, which is an event they should continue forever. The baked goods are the real highlight of the café! If you indulge as I do in the fantasy of ever writing a Great American Novel, nothing intimates productivity like a cup of coffee and chocolate almond croissant. Pick up a financier while you’re at it, because no one is ever gonna pay you for that book. Life is pain!  4.0/5