19 October 2016 • Volume 69, Number 8

Kolbe and Savoie to represent U.Va. at academic summit

Second-years Vanessa Kolbe and Brent Savoie have the honor of representing U.Va. Law at the 2006 International Achievement Summit of the Academy of Achievement in Los Angeles this June.

Each year the Summit brings 250 graduate students from over 40 countries to meet with preeminent scholars and public figures. In its own words, the Summit is “a global celebration of the human spirit to excel that lies at the heart of the American Dream.”

In preparation for the event, Kolbe has been reading letters of past student participants. “I have no doubt that an opportunity like this to benefit from the wisdom and experience of such accomplished men and women only happens once in a lifetime.”

Professors Thomas Hafemeister and Peter Low recommended Kolbe and Savoie based on their strong credentials. Kolbe is a member of the Virginia Law Review, the Tutoring Director of ABLE, a member of the Children’s Legal Group, a Peer Advisor, and an NGSL Commissioner. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin with a B.S. in Behavioral Science and Law, Psychology, and French, Kolbe worked with adolescent males in the corrections system for a year before coming to the Law School. She continued her public service ambitions this past summer with a PILA grant to work with at-risk youth in D.C.

As a student in the JD/MD program through U.Va. and Vanderbilt, Savoie is the first Jefferson Scholars Foundation Graduate Fellow in Law. Savoie has received numerous awards and fellowships, including a U.Va. scholarship to research access to generic HIV/AIDS medications, the United States Marine Corps Award, and prestigious undergraduate awards for community service and diversity initiatives. Savoie has also been published in Academic Medicine.

The Summit runs from Thursday through Sunday, allowing the students to interact with leaders from diverse fields, including academia, the military, sports, entertainment, business, and politics. At the 2005 Summit, students had breakfast with the President of Botswana, asked questions of Colin Powell, heard a speech by Justice Anthony Kennedy, and danced to B.B. King alongside Toni Morrison.

The faculty and administration are excited about Kolbe’s and Savoie’s participation in the Summit and look forward to their proud representation of the School of Law in June.



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