Breakfast in C'ville: Section A's Squad of Hungry 1Ls Reviews Post-Workout Pancake Palaces

Sarah-Jane Lorenzo ‘21
Staff Editor

Tyler D’Ambrose ‘21
Staff Editor

Sam Pickett ‘21
Staff Editor

Have you ever wanted to know exactly where to get your weekday breakfast after working out? Fortunately, the Section A Workout Squad is here to help!

 Cavalier Diner

Our Overall Rating: 9/10

Reasoning: Quality meals, good service, and good company. Enough said.

Tyler: If you’re a fan of pancakes made from scratch, perfectly cooked bacon, and endless coffee refills, then Cavalier Diner is the place to go. This place never disappoints! All breakfast lovers need to try Cavalier Diner at least once while in Charlottesville. And if you happen to despise quality food and quality service, the door is right there *sternly points to door*.

Sarah-Jane: Two words: crispy bacon!! Reliably good bacon is so hard to find that it inspired our instant devotion to the Cavalier Diner. Everyone is friendly and the service is great. Add some eggs and amazing pancakes, and you’re set!

Sam: While the Cavalier Diner doesn’t invite much attention, it’s a surprisingly homey place to get a meal. The environment is relaxed, the staff are caring (they’re like my mom away from home (love you mom)), and everything I’ve eaten there has been hot, delicious, and homemade. I even tried scrapple for the first time, and while my stomach hasn’t been the same since, neither has my heart. And that’s a trade I’m willing to make. Also, Sarah-Jane is correct: Their bacon is crispy and shows real dedication to customer service. It’s everything I need from a breakfast place, and more.


Our Overall Rating: 7/10

Reasoning: We don’t want to be the dedicated fans of McD’s we’ve become, but when you’re a hungry, tired, and broke first-year law student, you take what you can get! And you know what? The coffee, hotcakes, and ice cream sundaes are pretty darn good.

Sarah-Jane: I may eat here too often. About a month ago, during my seventh visit of the week, an employee mentioned that he was becoming concerned about my diet. That’s when I knew I was adequately committed.

Tyler: McD’s is what it is. Part of the charm of well-known fast food chains is that you know exactly what you’re in for whenever you go. Could the food be a little better? Probably. But does McD’s provide a decent, quick, and cheap breakfast whenever you need it? Absolutely. As an added bonus, if you go there often enough, the manager might start to recognize you and ask personal questions about your life choices.

Sam: I am actually the least qualified out of the three to answer this question, as I’ve only had the McDonald’s breakfast twice and I don’t even know their staff well enough to warrant inappropriately personal questions. That being said, their hash browns are perfection (crispy on the outside, soft on the inside (just like me)) and their Egg White McMuffin is great for when you’ve just worked out and aren’t totally willing to throw it away on McDonald’s.

 Bodo’s Bagels

Our Overall Rating: 8/10

Sarah-Jane: Bodo’s is without a doubt the best destination for a morning run; there is simply no better place to pack in carbs complimented by a cup of coffee. We visit Bodo’s on cardio days, which strategically allows us to eat even more delicious bagels once we arrive. It’s always a good call.

Sam: Bodo’s Bagels is already a household name at the Law School, so I’m not entirely sure how much new analysis I can add.  But since we were assigned this topic (and because I feel significant pressure to write something to show my worth to this newspaper besides eating their pizza every Monday) I will say that thanks to Bodo’s I have developed a somewhat strange addiction to everything bagels with strawberry cream cheese?? Is this what they meant when they said law school would change the way I think about the world?

Tyler: In the words of the Law School’s Assistant to the Dean Tyler Ambrose “A bagel’s a bagel’s a bagel.” I dissent. A perfectly toasted bagel with homemade eggs and crispy bacon is no mere bagel. Plus, the consistent ’60s folk and rock music played there is an added bonus that sets Bodo’s apart from your typical bagel joint.


Our Overall Rating: 3/10

Reasoning: Sadly, since IHOP switched its “P” for a “B,” our experience has just been B-ad. We know it’s the International House of Burgers, and so on behalf of the United States we would like to formally apologize to the rest of the world for foisting this chain upon you.[1]

Tyler: IHOP (IHOB[2]) should consider another name change to ISNUB because we were snubbed of quality service and timely coffee refills.[3] :(

Sarah-Jane: IHOPe they can return to their former glory, but my expectations are low. 


 Free Breakfast at the Law School

Our Overall Rating: 10/10

Reasoning: Res ipsa. We love you, Dean Davies and Kate Duvall!!


[1] Although we do not apologize for spreading Freedom. ’Murica.

[2] Google Docs thinks IHOB is a typo. Take that as you will.

[3] My father always told me not to put all my eggs in one basket. But when your basket consists of a mediocre breakfast, it might be worth considering tossing another egg or two in the breakfast basket before claiming you are THE burger destination.